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BHI scientists seek to uncover the scientific
reasons for human brain disorders and
create knowledge that will lead
to treatment and prevention.

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Rutgers joins the CIC/Big Ten-Ivy League Traumatic Brain Injury Research Collaboration

Scientists at Rutgers interested in research related to traumatic brain injury (TBI) are invited to become part of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) Big Ten-Ivy League TBI collaboration...


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calendarClick for a list of all upcoming Rutgers RWJMS and Rutgers NJMS lectures and seminars.

For the university-wide calendar of events, follow this link.

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BBRF "Meet the Scientist" Webinars

BBRF logoThe Brain & Behavior Research Foundation regularly hosts "Meet the Scientist" webinars. Visit the Foundation's website for their upcoming schedule and a list of other events and news, including announcement of the newest...


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